Answers to Your PlasmaSculpt™ Questions

What is PlasmaSculpt?

Plasmasculpt, Dr. Rajani’s combination of three stimulators into one injection series, is applied to targeted regions of the face through fine needles and cannulas. In some areas of the face PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), PRF and Sculptra are combined into concentrated doses and in other areas the concentrations are reduced to increase safety and effect.

What is the cost?

Price starts at $2499 and includes 2 sessions.

When can I see results?

As early as 2 weeks you can see results. Typically patients start seeing the best outcome of the PlasmaSculpt treatment after  2 months. Then, over the subsequent 3–6 months, final results are obtained.

How many sessions will I need?

Many patients may be happy with just one session but three treatment sessions are generally recommended, spaced 6-9 weeks apart, to achieve the best outcome. This depends on the quality of the existing skin, tissue laxity and surrounding bone loss.

I am in my 30’s should I start now?

This is a great time to start prevention. We always assess each person individually but generally we recommend 1-2 treatment sessions at this age. Genetics, sun damage, cigarette smoking and bone structure all play a role in the decision.

Can I fly in for this?

Absolutely. Many patients travel since Dr Rajani has an international following and conveniently across the street from RajaniMD offices we have a new beautiful hotel and many restaurants in the heart of Portland’s Pearl District. We can make the arrangements.